Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Charlie Wilson Would Approve

Now, I think that it's terrible that Iran is killing American troops in Iraq, but how different is this from what we did to the Soviets in Afghanistan? I know some will think that this comment reeks of moral relativism, but frankly, it shouldn't surprise anyone that the Iranians are participating in such actions - they had a great teacher.

Those looking for more background would be well-advised to read Charlie Wilson's War by George Crile - it's a chilling example of what a billion dollars or so in well-selected small arms can do to a modern superpower. I suspect that no one in the current administration has a clue as to this piece of recent history.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Oh, The Hypocrisy

As you know, "Talking Points" believes NBC News has taken a sharp turn the left.
It is a business decision made by three men: NBC Universal executives Robert
Wright, Jeff Zucker, and Steve Capus, with their approval elements at NBC News,
spew out far left propaganda on a daily basis and direct vicious, personal
attacks at people with whom they disagree.

Wright, Zucker and Capus believe this is a responsible way to run a news division but students of journalism know this kind of garbage is unprecedented at the network level.

Does Bill O'Reilly believe the shit that comes out of his own mouth, or is he secretly laughing hysterically at any audience member dumb enough to buy into such an asinine statement?

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