Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Random Thoughts

- I am getting rather sick of Republicans forcing Democrats to shoulder the burden of developing a plan for Iraq, though. The perspective of the average Repub seems to be "my party fucked things up royally in Iraq, but the other party is weaker because they haven't yet figured out how to unscrew the pregnant lady". Or something like that.

- In the interest of pursuing free-market solutions, I would like to see the TSA back off on dumbass requirements such as the not-quite-a-ban-on-liquids, and the ridiculously stupid requirement to take off one's shoes. Any passenger that then feels the need for additional layers of security could then have that need fulfilled by any airline that will undoubtably subject its passengers to additional screening, since I'm sure there's so much pent-up demand out there for greater security. I'm thinking that such an airline would need to survive solely on the sales of tickets to loudmouth pundits such as Sean Hannity.

That just about covers any "meaningful" thought I've had since my last post six months ago. Come back sometime around next May for additional content.

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