Tuesday, May 23, 2006


A Surprise From Cato

Let's just cut to the punch line - Cato, the de facto voice of libertarians (in so much that such a thing can exist), states that low taxes actually increase the rate of government spending.

Such a statement may sound like a 180-degree turn from conventional conservative thinking, but when viewed from the perspective of a free market, it makes perfect sense:

It is most implausible that reducing the tax burden of government spending on current voters would reduce the level of government spending that Congress would approve. In private markets, there is a consistent negative relation between the price of a good or service and the amount demanded.

$5 says that Grover Norquist won't sign up for this line of thinking.

creeping socialism, (I.E. entitlements), an out of balance structure for the ultimate Ponzi scheme known as Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid, thus amoung other socialist indefensible atrocities increase Government spending. If you want to pay more into this giant black hole that is all government please go ahead.
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