Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Paging Emmanuel Goldstein

The Instapunk would have us believe that Bush's sliding poll numbers are the result of... wait for it... the evil mainstream media! How unoriginal. And how inaccurate.

First of all, I'm not going to deny the fact that the MSM is loaded with idiots who carry a variety of prejudices. But consider this - the media took its best shots at Bush right up until Election Day of 2004, and the man still squeeked by with 51% of the popular vote. But we're to believe that in the following 18 months, the media somehow cracked the secret code of conservatives and won them over to the dark side?

I suspect that what really happened is quite simple - roughly 40% of the people who voted for Bush are now finally fed up with his shit and bailed out. They've simply woken up to the same reality that was discovered by a handful of conservatives a few years ago - the man just is not the heir to the legacy of Reagan and has driven a spike right through the concept of Goldwater conservatism.

Further proof of this is found in the congressional polls. Yes, the Republicans in Congress only get a 25% approval rating, but that happens to be closely mirrored by the performance of Democrats as well. So, you see, it's not the media's portrayal of Tom Delay, it's the fact that he's a slimebag. And despite the fact that we haven't been bombarded 24/7 with negative stories about the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, McKinnley, Kennedy, and Feinstein, the American public is smart enough to see them for what they really are - totally incompetent.

Anyone who doesn't view Bush's poll numbers in the context of the public's general discontent with politicians is missing a huge point, and it's really one that should be trumpeted by those conservatives who fear that the movement has lost its bearings. The bottom line is that people are just not very happy with anything that the government does, and that should be good news to any small-government conservative - even if the Republican golden boy is left twisting in the wind. The problem is that conservatism is no longer about shrinking the role of government, but rather using it as leverage to maintain a grip on Washington power.

An angry engineer. Cool. The worst of both worlds. The incredibly myopic, small-minded know-it-all-ness of an engineer coupled with female emotionalism about the 99 percent of life experience an engineer knows nothing of.

But I congratulate you on truth in advertising. Your blog does read like the output of an angry engineer -- the micro view of an arrogant computation whiz, correct about details and dead wrong about everything involving conceptual pattern recognition.

Keep typing. One day soon a complete paragraph will emerge.

Your friendly neighborhood InstaPunk
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