Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Net Neutrality = Chinese Oppression?!?

I'm on the GOPUSA mailing list (as RATM one said, "Know Your Enemy"), and I just received an message from a group calling itself the "Center For Individual Freedom" that attempts to link Yahoo!'s desire for net neutrality to the imprisonment of Chinese dissidents:

Yahoo is bankrolling the Network Neutrality Coalition in hopes that you won't learn about their other high-profile activity - helping to lock-up Chinese dissidents. We question what Yahoo and Moveon.org's real definition of "network neutrality" is.

The Chinese may love American jeans, entertainment, and free speech, but they do not have equal access to these by-products.

So, just how the hell does the censorship activities of Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo! in China (actions I find deplorable, by the way), relate to the carrier's interest to exert their leverage over internet bandwidth? Hell if I know. This seems like political pandering of the worst type, but that's exactly what we should expect with the current collusion between Big Government and the telcos. In fact, I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised to find that AT&T and its brethren handed over their call records to the feds in exchange for favorable legislation regarding preferential treatment of the 'net.

Oh, and I gotta comment on the now-mandatory mention of "Moveon.org" in discussions regarding net neutrality. Yeah, sure, I bet that particular PAC has interest in a level playing field on the 'net, but what about the Gun Owners of American and Parents Television Council? Why, I bet those groups are right there alongside Moveon in trying to hand over control of the internet to the UN (a claim that was made in a GOPUSA email last week).

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