Thursday, April 06, 2006


This One's For You, Oberon

I got one hell of a mindfuck from reading the Bruce Sterling short story "We See Things Differently" that was linked to via a Manifest Destiny post. As retribution, I hope that Oberon sees this post and checks out Dan Simmons' April 2006 message*, which I thought was very much along the same vein; i.e. sci-fi futurist predictions of a Caliphate. Weird stuff for sure, and definitely food for thought, considering that sci-fi writers have a reputation for being better predictors of the future than just about any politician. It's a dim worldview, certainly, but better to figure out a strategy now for adapting to such a situation than to worry too much about Tom Delay's threat to bring ethics charges against Cynthia McKinney before the former Speaker checks out of his congressional office.

*After April, the post will probably be found at in Simmons' message archive.

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