Wednesday, March 22, 2006


VH1's 2006 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Broadcast

Just a few quick notes from last night's broadcast of the 2006 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony:

- My goodness, Debbie Harry does not have the energy she used to have. And what the hell is up with the red hair - does she not remember the name of "her" band? I have to say, my enthusiasm for this summer's Blondie/The Cars tour was greatly diminished by her performance. Maybe she was distracted by the debate about who should be in "her" band.

- Why the fuck did it take so long to get Sabbath into the HoF? I honestly don't have a reason for this.

- Metallica sure kicked ass on Sabbath's "Iron Man"; so much ass-kicking occurred that it nearly made up for the wussy-ness displayed during their Some Kind of Monster documentary.

- Why the fuck did it take so long to get Lynard Skynard into the HoF? OK, that's a rhetorical question; rock snobbery is the only logical answer - 'cause, ya know, only hicks and southern bigots listen to Skynard.

- Kid Rock should be required by law to sing vocals during every performance of the current Skynard line-up.

- Watching James Hetfield play air guitar during Skynard's "Free Bird" was pretty cool. And even Matt Pinfield was bobbing his head during the solo. The band should be issued some sort of congressional medal for the wretched excess of the 3-guitar attack, because I can't think of anything more American. Whoa - now Lars Ulrich is air drumming.

- Wow, the production values of this show really sucked, especially given that there was a full week to pull this broadcast together.

Kid Rock and Metallica are two good examples of artists who have ability to kick a$$, but all too often get involved in the wrong kinds of projects - KR with his pseudo rap stuff and Metallica, well, most of what they've done since "Metallica". Skynyrd, while at times overplayed, is the right kind of project.
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