Monday, March 13, 2006


Short Memories

The current meme amongst many conservatives is now whether or not is possible to spread democracy in the Middle East, since it's apparently a lot easier to write off an entire region as being hopelessly backwards than it is to accept the fact that Our Dear Leader has irrepairably fucked up his crusade.

I do find it interesting that folks like Richard Lowry have now decided that perhaps only "strains of Islam" (nice selection of words there) are compatible with democracy, and in the same breath he has the audacity to trace the current problem of radical Islamism to the Iranian revolution of '79. Lest Mr. Lowry and his associates forget, the history of the Middle East might have been very different indeed had a democratically-elected prime minister not been overthrown and replaced by a pawn of the West. In this case, democracy was not compatible with our energy needs, and so we pissed on it to get cheaper gasoline. Now we have the audacity to look back on fifty years of meddling and ask if we haven't just been dealing with some sort of incorrigible savages? That's pretty fuckin' rich, if you ask me.

There are a hell of a lot of things wrong in the Muslim world, and not all of them begin or end with mistakes that the West has made in the region. I do find it interesting that so many are willing to overlook a half-century's worth of intanglement when attempting to write off entire cultures, though.

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