Friday, March 10, 2006


Greenspan Predicts Third-Party Prez Candidate

Noted libertarian and retired Fed reserve chairman Alan Greenspan apparently thinks that the "vast untended center" of American politics will span a third-party candidate in '08 or '12. The "idological divide" of the Republican and Democrat parties is said to be at fault.

I agree that there's a huge difference in the idology of the two parties at this time, but frankly, is there much difference in the policy? If we look at the so-called "controversial issues" surrounding Bush's tenure in office, we find that, in large part, the Democrats have supported his plans. Where was the resistance to the USA PATRIOT Act? The Iraq war? Defense spending? The confirmation of Bush's cabinet and Supreme Court nominees? There has been plenty of talk from the left side of American politics, but very little backing up that talk in the way of a voting record.

Then, of course, we have the Republicans, who for all their talk of conservatism and responsible spending have irrepairably smeared the reputation of drunken sailors and have yet to apologize for it.

I certainly welcome a third-party option, but frankly I'm not so sure that it'll do much good if it comes from the center of American politics.

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