Monday, March 20, 2006


The Greek Phone-Tapping Scandal

The cell-phone tapping story from Greece seems to have totally disappeared in the US media, but the UK's Guardian follows it up with an interesting article that dives deeper into the potential role of Vodaphone, and raises questions about the US's involvement:

Because the antennae that relayed the calls to the recording equipment were close to the US embassy, many believe 'Big Brother' is the CIA.

Koronias appeared to confirm those suspicions, telling the parliamentary committee that the surveillance system required people with expertise in a number of hi-tech areas 'as well as plenty of money'.

More tellingly, the US embassy's former political counsellor, John Brady Kiesling, also pointed the finger at Washington. The CIA's fingerprints were all over operation, he said.

'Everything points to the US embassy,' said Kiesling, who left the State Department in disgust over the Iraq war. 'Nobody else would have, or be interested in, a list [of people tapped] that would look like that.'

Have we so quickly forgotten about this?

Regardless of who's at fault here, the technical details of the operation certainly will be interesting, once they are revealed. I'm also curious to learn more about Vodafone's involvement - was it the unwilling participant in an operation by a foreign government, or did the company go along willingly?

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