Monday, February 13, 2006


Gasoline for breakfast, napalm for lunch...

...No need, no need to ever burn out. I'm scorching and torching no time for front porching.

And a big round of applause goes out to Henry Rollins for providing the intro to this post.

Before hitting the gym tonight, I decided to try out this GNC carb-heavy drink mix. Basically, it's 50 grams (200 calories) of carbs that are supposed to offer a variety of burn rates, but the big deal is that it has 90 mg of caffeine. There's basically your bottom line on what the stuff contributes to a workout.

And man, what a contribution it makes. I did 35 minutes on the exercise bike at 80% maximum heart rate (160 BPM), and then hit the weights. I'm shaking things up a bit, eliminating leg press and leg extension in favor of more "realistic" exercises such as lunges and deadlifts.

I started my lifting tonight with squats, doing 8 reps at 45 lbs, 8 at 95, 8 at 135, 6 at 185, 5 at 205, and 4 at 225. The last two sets are more than I've squated before, so I'm happy with the results of pushing myself a bit harder than before (previously, I'd hold back a bit on squats in favor of leaving something in the gas tank for max-effort leg presses).

Next, on to the lunges - something I haven't done in a long time. Here, I started with 8 reps (4 for each leg) with two 25 lb dumbells, then 8 with two 50 pounders and finally 6 with two 55 pounders. This left my quads as quivering piles of jelly. Mission accomplished, I'd dare say.

Finally, deadlifts - another lift I haven't done since, say, high school. Using a barbell, I did 8 at 45, 8 at 95, 6 at 135, and 3 at 155. My back has not yet forgiven me, but I think it's high time it gets a bit of a workout.

Then I went back for another hard 20 minutes on the bike, this time at 90% MHR (180 BPM).

My post-workout meal consisted of a heaping scoop of soy protein in milk, and half of a Subway cold-cut sub. I think there's probably one more snack left before bed, which will probably be the half-package of tuna in the fridge.

A fair guess says that I pay for this tomorrow, but due to some traveling this week I'll have to hit the gym in another 21 hours.

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