Monday, February 13, 2006


Cheney's Inability To Handle His Gun

I'd like to note that the following is stated with the least amount of partisanship possible - Dick Cheney should be going to jail for reckless endangerment for the criminally negligent act of discharging his firearm into another human being. The fucking idiot just set back a whole lot of work done by gun advocacy and pro-hunting groups. And he did it while on a private "ranch" hunt, too. Fucking hack.

For anyone that disagrees with this, I'd only ask that they consider what they'd say had John Kerry shot someone during his photo-op hunting trips in the fall of '04.

I heard that Cheney's partner came around behind him and didn't announce he was there. It is certainly at least 50% Cheney's fault, but it is also partly the partner's fault.
Seriously, if Kerry shot someone you'd have to put away whoever handed him a loaded gun. As you indicated, these were photo ops, and his guns should have been props, like the ones with the red plastic tips.

Cheney screwed up, and deserves at least a slap on the wrist. Maybe a fine and 20 hours of safety training before he hunts in Texas again. If he screws up again, then really get after him.
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