Thursday, January 26, 2006



Someone needs his ass kicked up above his ears:

ICG President Ben Hatfield accused the union Wednesday of "trying to insert itself into the investigation in a self-serving attempt to boost their organizing efforts."

Yea, I can't figure out why the union should have any part in this investigation; after all, the 12 guys who died were part of the management team, right? Oh, wait...

I'm pretty sure that the union has larger concerns than "their organizing efforts". Of greater priority might be tasks like "reducing the number of men that come out in body bags" and "avoiding conditions that turn our workers into vegetables".

There are a lot of reasons I think that unions are of vastly decreased importance in this day and age, but this case certainly convinces me that they still have their place.

Whatever the union's intentions it was good they get involved rather than sit back like some other unions might have done. The primma-donna federal investigators filing an injunction? Were not these the idiots who cited the coal company a bunch of times while they went on with business as usual? Yeah I am sure they (the Feds) will get to the bottom of what happened. Unlikely they will do any thing like the last couple of dozen times. God bless the Miners and their Families!
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