Wednesday, January 18, 2006


NSA Wiretapping Backlash Makes For Some Strange Bedfellows

The Patriots To Restore Checks And Balances released a statement yesterday calling for a broad congressional enquiry into the NSA wiretapping situation. Seeing retired representative Bob Barr among those making this request isn't surprising (he apparently hasn't been sipping from the same Kool-Aid as other Republicans), but what's this - Grover Norquist is part of this crowd? That's, shall we say, somewhat shocking - and encouraging.

And then there's Christopher Hitchens, who has joined the ACLU lawsuit against the NSA. Granted, maybe this just marks a return to his liberal roots, but giving the oral service that he's provided to the current administration for the last four years, I'm just a bit shocked that he'd so quickly turn against his new friends.

UPDATE: Hitchens speaks out at the Huffington Post:

The better the ostensible justification for an infringement upon domestic liberty, the more suspicious one ought to be of it. We are hardly likely to be told that the government would feel less encumbered if it could dispense with the Bill of Rights. But a power or a right, once relinquished to one administration for one reason, will unfailingly be exploited by successor administrations, for quite other reasons. It is therefore of the first importance that we demarcate, clearly and immediately, the areas in which our government may or may not treat us as potential enemies.

Well stated. He's going to get thrown under the bus by the rest of the neocon writers, methinks (HT - John Cole).

Not, the neo-cons, they leave it to Pajamas (rightwing) Media) to label him an anti-semite. Nothing to see here...
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