Monday, December 19, 2005


Reaction To Code Red

So, it's been interesting to see how blogs have responded to Code Red, the NSA's authorization to intercept communications between US citizens and suspected foreign terrorists without a warrant.

From the left, we have a convienent reminder for conservatives and libertarians about the danger of unlimited government. Yes, thanks. Remind me again who was in charge when Waco went down? I think that served as a reminder for anyone who gives a crap about "due process". Those that forgot will probably not be inspired by a blog post. And who was President when Echelon was exposed?

Then, from the right, a reminder of exactly that last point in an attempt to round up all the voices stating "well, the other side did it, too!". I seem to remember getting quite upset over Echelon, as did many others. The post over at QandO is the only one that gets it right, in my opinion; the assertion by TM Lutas that this was already going on during the Clinton years strikes me as a childish attempt to divert attention from the fact that it's still going on under a supposedly conservative government. And then there's Tom Maguire, who at one moment can be as straight as a arrow (Plamegate), and then the next takes a Powerline-ish veer to wingnutland with the suggestion that this story was originally intended as an October Surprise. It would seem to me that if the Times had honestly wanted to use this story to derail Bush's re-election, then they would have simply said "fuck it!" and ran with it, instead of holding off by a year (or more). To be honest, I would have loved it had this info become public back when the voters had a chance to do something about it, despite the fact that Kerry wouldn't have done a damn thing to improve the situation.

So, how long until someone invokes the name Carnivore?

As a side note, it's kinda interesting that the ACLU's Echelon Watch page now returns a 404 error. Apparently, they've got more important things to do.

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