Saturday, December 17, 2005


Music Musings

I caught "Mod Squad" on Spike TV tonight, and while the movie pretty much sucked (other than the Claire Dane visuals), it was the first time I heard Alana Davis' cover of "Can't Find My Way Home". Definitely, certainly, it deserves a spot on my unofficial Top 10 Cover List (which means I'll invaribly forget to include it if I ever compile such a list).

I believe I was less than kind to Oberon when he suggested that Fall Out Boy's Under The Cork Tree wasn't half-bad, but, um, he was right. The song writing is honest and sincere, the band has some snap that bands like Hey Mercedes lack, and there's even a bit of serious cred (the band's drummer was in Racetraitor).

I came across Fastball's All The Pain That Money Can Buy on my iTune's playlist - following a common theme, it's a better album than I remember. Clearly, this is a sign of getting old.

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