Friday, November 25, 2005


Holy Balls - Winter Is Here

After the past few piss-poor winters, I guess I was a bit shocked to get 6" or so of snow dumped on us here in West Michigan in the past 24 hours. Yea, that's nothing compared to what the UP got (my wife was on the phone with the in-laws last night, and they reported about two feet worth of snowfall in the previous day), but it definitely qualifies as "something". It's nice to have a white holiday for once, but I'm sure that Ol' Man Winter blew his wad with this one and we'll get a 50-degree rainy Christmas.

Of course, I had decided to tear apart my truck to install a body lift on Sunday, a full-day project that stretched into something more like "a full day, a couple of weeknights, and a few more hours" affair (look for a write-up on Autoblog soon). I'm glad I was able to fit my new tires, but let me tell you, it's quite difficult to do a good job wrapping-up a big project when it's 18 degrees outside, and you're in an uninsulated pole barn with a little Coleman propane heater for company. Brr. Of course, it's my fault for having the main garage occupied with other projects, and I should consider myself fortunate to have an alternative indoor location to use as "overflow". Clearly, though, my Ultimate Garage Project needs to be moved up the priority list. I see no good reason to have 10 acres if I can't cover it with outbuildings.

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