Thursday, September 29, 2005


Tom Delay's World

Tom Delay, just moments ago on Hannity's radio show:

"I believe I'm one of the first Americans ever to be punished [based only] on an accusation."

Tom - what reality are you living in? The majority of the people that just heard you make that statement are likely employeed in a "at will" situation, and thus would find themselves suspended, demoted, or outright fired if indicted for a felony. Your situation is little different. If I came into work tomorrow after getting indicted, I doubt that it'd be a normal day at the office.

You violated your own party's rules by getting indicted, you unprincipled fuck - you live with the consequences. While you're sitting there and sweating over your future, perhaps it'd be a good moment to reflect back upon the "contract" that helped your party win a majority.

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