Wednesday, September 07, 2005


NO DVD On Hurricane Preparation A Bit Late

Brad DeLong reports that New Orleans was working on an evacuation how-do DVD titled "Your Poor Ass Is On Its Own" or something like that, but it was never completed before hurricane season. How's that for ironic governmental incompetence? They never were able to even complete a video describing how they're not able to help.

Glenn Reynolds takes the Department of Homeland Security to task in his TCS column. I want the $120B or so that's been spent by the DHS back in my pockets, if this is all they've been able to do. I'm absolutely stunned that our local fire department - serving 6,000 people - was able to get $70K for new equipment, but yet somehow DHS money never found its way into the NOPD for a decent radio setup.

The Rude Pundit takes on FEMA, too, but from a slightly different perspective.

I really hope that every single person involved in this mess, from the lowliest employee of NO that was involved in disaster management all the way up to the President, is totally embarassed of this mess. I bet that not a single firing comes out of this whole ordeal, however. Not like the loss of a job would bring back a single dead person or rebuild anyone's home. But hopefully it'd help prevent such a mess from happening again.

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