Friday, August 05, 2005


Maddox On Blogging


Not to jump on the blog-bashing bandwagon, but if I see one more post in the next few days about dropping The Bomb on Japan, I might puke. It's like everyone wants to believe that I, reader of their blog, might doubt the wartime decision-making of President Truman, but a few hundred words from some wignut hack sitting in front of his computer in a living room might just make me think that Truman is either A) The most couragous human ever and should have his corpse bronzed; or B) A mass-murdering terrorist. But, hey, thanks for your opinion - I'm sure that the next time such a decision needs to be made, the sitting C-in-C will make sure to reflect carefully on what the blogosphere thinks about his decision 60 years later before he cracks open The Football and starts reading off launch codes.

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