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Let me just say that it sucks to be forced into taking a Dremel tool to a brand-new pistol after firing only 100 rounds through it. I traded in my dead-nuts reliable Kel-Tec P11 for a CZ RAMI because I wanted something with a trigger that didn't feel like trying to break a 2x4, and I was hoping to get a firearm that didn't require any work out-of-the-box. I went 1 for 2.

The first 50 or so rounds of WWB 115 gr. 9mm FMJ went through the RAMI just fine, but it only took the first 3 rounds from the 14-round mag for the WWB 147 gr. JHP to highlight a failure to feed (FTF) problem. The nose of the round never came up far enough to climb up the feed ramp. Speer Gold Dot 147 gr. rounds did the exact same thing.

First, I tried cleaning and lubing the mags. No luck. Next, I tried some firmer mag springs from Wolff. That didn't work, either. Finally, I reshaped and polished the feedramp. That seems to have done the trick, but I'll feel better when it runs for a few hundred rounds without stoppages.

Apparently, this is a known problem to CZ, although damn if I could find any mention of this problem during my several hours of pre-purchase research. Why in the world would a compact double-stack semi-auto be sold that can't feed hollowpoints? The assumed mission for this firearm is self-defense, and FMJ 9mm rounds aren't exactly known for their "stopping power".

I can say that the single-action trigger isn't as good as a 1911, but it's a hell of a lot better (to me) than a Glock or Springfield XD "safe action". I love the fact that it can be carried cocked-and-locked like a 1911. When I'm not flinching, it seems to be a very accurate little gun. Why I'm flinching, I have no idea - the recoil is minimal. I think I might just be out of practice in general. In fact, I'm sure I'm out of practice, and the last time I got in any decent amount of shooting, it was with my .44 Mag Redhawk. Maybe that explains my problem...

My FIST IWB holster hasn't shown up yet, so I can't comment on how it will be to carry. I plan on getting one of the 10-round mags (it ships with two 14-round mags that allow a three-finger grip) to shorten up the butt of the gun somewhat, since that's usually the biggest problem I have with hiding something under an untucked shirt. The frame is a bit fat, so I'm not sure how it'll conceal compared to my Kimber Compact. One area where it should be far superior is in weight, but then again most things are lighter than a all-steel 1911. And speaking of steel, hopefully it won't be plagued with corrosion problems like my beloved Kimber (which will soon either be getting a DIY application of GunKote or a trip to Robar).

Sorry to hear about your RAMI troubles. I'm a big fan of CZ pistols, and have had almost zero problems with my PCR, CZ40B, and numerous CZ75's. You might want to consider a PCR. It's my main carry gun and has been 100% reliable with my numerous reloads, which include 124 GR. Remington Golden Sabers. Check out this link also if you haven't already. Lots of useful info.

Good luck and safe shooting.
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