Sunday, July 03, 2005


Some Real 4th of July Fireworks

NASA will attempt to impact a comet with a copper projectile tomorrow:

NASA has fired a 400-kilogram probe at a comet in hopes of hitting the target, about 800,000 kilometres away.

The space agency hopes to smash a hole in the Tempel One comet, but hitting it isn't going to be easy.

Once on auto-pilot, the probe has only three chances before the collision to fire its thrusters to adjust its flight path for a direct strike.

Impact is expected at 1:52 a.m. EDT on Monday. Those with the best chance of seeing the impact from the ground are people in the the southwestern part of the western hemisphere.

That kinda overshadows my idea of filling the discarded toilet from our recent bathroom renovation with gasoline, placing an ignition source nearby, and then shooting it with my FAL. I have no means of viewing the impact event, but I look forward to seeing pictures of it. If I'm doing the calculations right, I think the required accuracy for this shot is about 1/16 MOA. Pretty impressive, considering the fact it's a moving target.

FN-FAL eh? Home-built kit gun, Century franken-rifle, or DSArms beauty?

My rifle of choice at the moment is a carbine length AR-15, built from an Olympic Arms kit. I have been lusting after a JLD Enterprises HK91/G3 clone, though. There's something about .308...
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