Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Snark, Part II

So, Alberto Gonzales was Public Enemy #1 for liberals only a few months ago, and The Right Man For The Job according to conservatives. Now we're hearing that he'd likely be confirmed with ease by liberal senators as a Supreme Court justice, and conservatives are the ones getting their underwear in a bunch.

While I understand that the job description of an Attorney General is significantly different than that of a SC justice, this is just one more example of how no one's interested in selecting a person for a position based on their character and morals. The Republicans loved Gonzales because he was perceived to be tough on terror; Democrats are happy (OK, maybe that's too strong of a word) about him because he might lean pro-choice. This sort of single-dimensional thinking is terribly destructive to a republic.

UPDATE: Don't let it be said that Bill Quick isn't principled when it comes to Mr. Gonzales. Whew - nice to see some consistancy.

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