Saturday, July 23, 2005


Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

After hearing word that London police stopped a bombing by dumping five rounds into someone, a part of me wanted to say, "nice job!". But I should know better than to trust that little voice, especially when it agrees with John Gibson. It turns out that the guy wasn't carrying a bomb. Nor was he related to either of the previous bombing attempts/attacks; he simply lived at an address found on the body of a previous bomber. But that address simply referred to a group of apartments (oops, sorry - "flats" in Brit-speak).

At least he was from "south Asia" and coulda been one of those Muslims, right? Um, no, he was from Brazil. I imagine Chief Wiggum saying, "That's a dang fine use of racial profiling, Lou." I have no idea what the temperature was like in London on Thursday or what constitutes a "bulky, padded jacket", but the typical summer temperatures in his hometown might explain why he was wearing atypical clothing.

Yea, I know there's all sorts of justification for what the cops did, and I know there's the standard "don't run from the police and you won't get shot" line. But, uh, that forms some nasty circular logic in the minds of many, since if contact with the police means five in the head, then certain people may wish to put a bit of distance between themselves and the the police.

I've still got a bit of bleeding-heart in me, and I hope that I don't ever lose it.

UPDATE: I just read that the cops were plain-clothes officiers. Gee, five guns in streetclothes draw guns and start chasing after me - what am I going to do? Probably not wait around and see what their intentions are.

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