Thursday, July 07, 2005


Random Comments On This Morning's News

1) So much for the idea that Al Qaeda is done. A sophisticated attack on London means that they remain an extremely strong threat. And if it's not AQ, then maybe that's even worse news.
2) Seeing that double-decker bus ripped apart was heart-breaking. That's just one of those symbols that never should be anything but amusing and joyful.

3) Powerline carries a great Churchill quote. But then John makes this ridiculous comment: "I suspect that at the moment there is not much fear and terror." That's kinda stupid, coming from someone who's safely nestled in a Minneapolis law office. Not nearly as stupid as John "Big Story (And Even Bigger Hair)" Gibson's commentary from yesterday (betcha he wishes he could take that one back - or maybe it doesn't even register with him).

4) Tony Blair did a magnificent job giving his statement this morning (the solo one he did off-the-cuff - although he also gave a good prepared statement with the other G8 leaders in the background). London's mayor (don't know his name) also performed extremely well and spoke very powerfully - shades of Giuliani, perhaps?

5) It took about 6 comments on a dKos thread before someone asked about "how Bush will spin this". That's, um, not quite helpful. It took 9 comments on a LGF thread before someone stated "no Islam no Terror". (the poster prior to him attempted the same quote but incorrectly used "Arabs", and is therefore disqualified on technical grounds). That's also not so helpful. And then I saw the comment "$10 says it wasn't an Iraqi" on the board, which isn't at all helpful but is at least funny (in a really dark way).

6) The Aruba missing-teen story still gets above-the-fold coverage at (as of 11:51 EDT). Wankers.

7) The TV coverage on Fox News was quite good - probably the result of their connection to Fox News. And it took until nearly noon until they started talking about how this might affect European involvement in Iraq.

This is nothing new to Britain--the IRA used to blow things up, too.
London's Mayor is Ken Livingstone, aka "Red Ken" for his one-time left wing views. He used to be a real thorn in the side of the Labour Party when he was a councillor -- in fact I think he was kicked out of the party for a while because his face did not fit with "New Labour".
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