Friday, June 17, 2005


Slitting Your Own Throat

Brunswick announced yesterday that it will move bowling-ball production from Muskegon, MI to Mexico. Worker compensation will go from $35/hour in pay and benefits to $3/hour. That's fine and all.

But considering that bowling is a blue-collar sport, and that they've just put a bunch of those people out on the street, isn't this an example of shrinking one's own market? Sure, it's "only" 110 jobs and therefore a small portion of their overall market, but when so many companies are engaging in similar behavior, it's gonna have an effect.

Oh well. Instead of ranting about the death spiral of American industry, I should instead find a way to make it enjoyable. Like by selling, Idunno, T-shirts or something. I could put an American flag and some smart-ass slogan on them, and then get them produced off-shore.

Its the Walmart effect. You end up forcing the people your trying to sell to out of a job. But with Walmart it works, because then they become the only place cheap enough for poor out of work folks to buy what they need. This is just bad marketing. If the type of people Bowlers are realize that they should no longer buy this company's balls. (god did I just say that... hehe, balls...)
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