Friday, June 17, 2005


No "Superstars" In The NBA Finals?

The league offices and fans in big markets supposedly groaned when it became clear that the Finals would pit the Pistons against the Spurs. Not only were the games supposed to be defensive grindfests, but both teams supposedly lacked superstars. OK, so the first prediction wasn't that far off, but the second? First, there's Tim Duncan. If he doesn't qualify as a superstar, I'm not sure who should. Oh, yea, that's right - he doesn't cut rap albums or show up on MTV Cribs. And the energy of 'Sheed or Ben Wallace, and the way they can take over a game has to be respected outside of the Motor City.

That notwithstanding, isn't it interesting to see a guy like Mano Ginobili or Tony Parker make a name for himself by shining in the spotlight, or watching Antonio McDyess or Lindsey Hunter showing the form that made them well-respected veterans? Isn't that more interesting than watching Shaq get 20 points and 10 rebounds, like he seems to do every damn game (except for a certain string of three games in Detroit last June)? I'd say so.

The only complaint so far is that all four games have been blowouts. I'm not sure what to make of that - usually by the time teams make it to the Finals, they're capable of winning on the road (or at least keeping it closer than 15 points).

i think the first two games in san antonio were a matter of one team having nine days off, and the pistons just two
The NBA is a business. Referees do as is best for them or they don't ref big games. All decisions are based on what keeps the NBA business doing well Int'l Players are creating a massive Intl. audience - good business for the NBA. Close games - good bus., 7 games good for bus. Refs do what is good for their careers ! That is - what is decided by the guys that run the NBA.
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