Saturday, June 18, 2005


Hypocrisy In Action

Joel Rosenburg at Open Sites posts this:

Well, we had Million Mom March organizer, spokeswoman and activist Barbara Graham gunning down a man in an attempt to avenge the murder of her son (she shot the wrong guy, and crippled him). And then we had antigun activist Annette "Flirty" Stevens keeping an unlicensed handgun, with the serial filed off, in her home -- along with some narcotics.

And now we've got antigun activist Sheila Eccleston calling the police about a burglary next door, and encouraging them to make it quick because she had a sawed-off shotgun in her home, one that she admits had been there for six months.

I think some of these folks are unclear on a lot of concepts.

No, I think these people are very clear on the concepts. Guns are bad, but only when they're in hands of "bad people" (those people probably perceived as being youngs males with dark skin). It's the same reason why Dianne Feinstein possesses a CCW permit (at one time, she was the only person in San Francisico with one), and it's a close cousin of the reason that causes cops to drive at Mach 3 through a school zone to pull over a driver that's doing 31 in a 25.

It's "hypocrisy"
Noted, and my editor has been fired.
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