Monday, May 09, 2005


Product Endorsement

Previously, I stated I was going to try Permatex's RTV remover (named "Silicone Stripper", which has a meaning I typically don't associate with engine repair). I gave the stuff a try, and it works - sorta.

It won't attack thick build-ups of RTV, so some scraping is still required. However, it does a good job removing that thin film of sealant that takes seemingly forever to scrape off (usually resulting in damage to soft and expensive aluminum parts). My biggest complaint is its sticky gel-like consistancy; sure, that helps keep it from running all over the place, but it also makes it very difficult to apply. I'm also not sure exactly what's in it (one of the listed ingredient is sulfonic acid), but I'm pretty sure I don't want it on my skin or left on delicate parts for any length of time.

Overall, I'd rate it a must-buy for those faced with the aftermath of previous sealant applications.

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