Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Misc. Politics

It sure was fun listening to right-wing talk radio today - you'd think that the world had collapsed because - gasp! - compromise was reached. My gut says that the compromise was the best outcome, but I think a lot of folks wanted to believe that a 55% majority meant absolute power. Not to be left behind in the Paranoia Wars, liberals are now worried that a compromise on Social Security will be required as a return favor. Oh, yea, and some of them think that they got the short end of the stick on the compromise, since they lost the ability to filibuster every nominee. Wahwahwah - that's life as a minority party.

Expanding the federal funding for stem-cell research is getting some attention from bloggers. What's interesting is that in all the we-should-or-we-shouldn't talk, it seems as if everyone misses the subtle point - it's not stem-cell research itself that's being deliberated, it's the federal funding for such. If we could turn the religious fervor down a notch, maybe then everyone could take a deep breath and figure out that there's absolutely nothing stopping a private enterprise from performing their own research on their own nickel. I know that the thought of doing anything more complicated than wheeling the garage can out to the street without federal funding is offensive to some.

I'm wondering what the corner next needs turning in Iraq for the situation to finally stabilize. Perhaps it's time to consider another approach, since all obvious milestones for a turnaround have already been passed. I guess there's always the capture of Zarquawi to hope for.

Some Republicans here in Michigan have begun hitching their wagons to Democrat Jennifer Granholm's economic revitalization plan. Why? Because the Republican party hasn't provided a government solution to Michigan's economic woes which, uh, is actually be in line with conservative principles. Apparently, small government is no longer desirable when the state is waving a few billion dollars (courtesy of state-issued bonds, i.e. government debt) in one's face.

OK, my head hurts. That's enough for tonight.

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