Thursday, May 05, 2005


Looking On The Bright Side...

...having a lifter come apart while adjusting the valves is probably better than having it come apart at redline. Apparent, this not entirely unheard-of with Comp Cams Pro Magnum lifters.

The wife's got the digital camera in the UP right now so I can't show a picture of what happened, but basically the clip that holds the plunger in the lifter body developed cracks and no longer was able to perform its job. When I was backing off the nut on the rocker stud, the plunger just kinda popped out of the body. I was somewhat surprised by this, to say the least.

Had I known that the damn things would cause me this much hassle, I would have just gone with a solid-roller setup in the Impy. I mean, come on - set the damn things to 0.002-0.004" lash? That forces frequent valve adjustments (sorta fortunate in a way, because that's how I caught the problem), which kinda negates the whole benefit of hydraulic lifters.

Comp Cams was very helpful on the phone this morning, though, and a new set of lifters should be here tomorrow.

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