Monday, May 16, 2005


Just Sayin'

Number of times Newsweek Koran-desecration article mentioned by Instapundit before it was proven unsubstantiated: 1

Number of times Newsweek article has been mentioned since then: 11

Number of times article mentioned by Little Green Footballs before proven unsubstantiated: 2

Numbers of times article mentioned since then: 12

Kinda odd that the story was so uninteresting when it was still thought to be true, despite the impact that's now being attributed to it. I'll let the reader draw their own conclusions.

Now I'm just about as disgusted as anyone by Newsweek's sloppy reporting and apparent enthusiasism to disgrace the current administration, but I'm also getting a bit sick of the sharks-sniffing-blood routine. Clearly, the mainstream media is no longer capable of performing any sort of watchdog function - we get that now; enough already! Note to the media - fact-check your stories at least as thoroughly as bloggers will try to dissect them. Single unnamed sources will not cut it any longer.

I'd also like seeing a toilet that can flush a complete copy of the Koran. I mean, our American Standard can flush 2 dozen golf balls, but I'm not sure I'd try even a small paperback book. Must be one of the advantages of those $600 military toilets.

Sean Hannity and Brent Bozell seemed more than willing to give this Michael Isikoff a pass, despite his role in this mess. Why? Because he was part of breaking the Clinton/Lewinsky story. Um-hum. Shame on both of them.

Shame on anyone who brings up Piss Christ as a point of reference. Get over it already.

And finally, a big shame on those who killed 15 people because of a magazine story. Grow up.

I have a similar toilet as yours, and I've managed to plug it up with much less than a paperback edition of the Koran....
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