Sunday, May 15, 2005


GM To Scrap Pushrod V10

Reports have GM abandoning the pushrod V10 project in favor of a supercharged version of the LS2 pushrod V8.

For performance applications, this is probably the right move. The LS2 is a heck of a motor at 400 HP, and only 7-8 lbs of boost would be required to put it at 600 HP. That'd be a beast under the hood of a CTS-V, or in a Silverado SS.

The V10 was also proposed as a replacement for the supercharged Northstar, which is currently offered in the STS-V and XLR-V. Hopefully, the idea of replacing those engines is permanently dead. I can't imagine that such an idea would have resulted in a better product, or improved market acceptance.

My concern with this decision is that the pushrod V10 would have also replaced the dreadful 8100 big-block V8 in heavy-duty light-truck and medium-duty truck applications. I don't think that a forced-induction engine requiring premium fuel would find much acceptance in the commercial market. Now, GM may be betting that diesels will replace large-displacement gasoline motors in these applications, and I think that'd be a fair assumption.

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