Monday, May 09, 2005


General Watch

Sitting at the bottom of a Car Connection daily email update last week, in the "Letters to the Editor" section, was a message from Buick salesman Jim Dollinger promoting his website General Watch, a GM shareholder's advocacy group.

I guess I'm not really sure I buy into their "plan", which starts off by calling for "no capital investment" (kinda a no-brainer for a company with 25% overcapacity, don't cha think?). It doesn't seem to offer the sort of detail that I'd prefer to deal with, but then again, executives tend to prefer broad, sweeping ideas. If there's one idea that has the potential to change GM, it's this one:

Remake our corporate image as a leader by acting rather than re-acting.

That's GM's biggest problem, in a nutshell. They take far too long to do anything. When there's a new market, they seem to be the last to enter it. If they've ruled a particular market segment for any length of time, they'll fail to defend it from the competition until it's too late. Fix this problem, and GM's market share will respond.

I think my favorite part is the nice selection of historical and contemporary quotes about GM scattered about the site.

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