Tuesday, May 10, 2005


The Dumbing-Down Of America

Autoblog reports that NHTSA has denied a request to mandate fire extinguishers in light trucks. Why?

NHTSA was concerned a new regulation could increase injuries because many motorists lack training in using the devices.

Holy fuck. So, someone who's trusted with operating a 7,000 lb vehicle that's capable of towing the average house around the block can't be counted on to operate a fire extinguisher in a safe manner? God help us.

Seems to me that carrying a fire extinguisher in one's vehicle should be a matter of personal responsibility, anyways, just like carrying an adequate jack and a reasonable first-aid kit. While it's highly unlikely that many lives would be saved by such a thing, having an extinguisher handy in each one sure would be nice the next time a small grass fire or something similar pops-up.

The big issue here is that people may try to fight a fire that they should be fleeing.

OTOH, I have one in every car I drive.
Sounds like the same argument used by gun-control advocates - we're all too stupid to protect ourselves using common tools. Just sayin'.
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