Friday, May 06, 2005


David Hackworth, RIP

David H. Hackworth has passed away from cancer at the age of 74.

In recent years, he's been most-visible as one of the men behind Soldiers For The Truth, a non-partisan organization dedicated to fighting for soldier's rights - an activity that in Washington is often reduced to a tool used to make the other party look bad on a particular vote. If what he stood for could be summed-up in one paragraph, here it is:

If the irrelevant gold-plated Cold War weapons systems – such as obsolete multibillion-dollar ships and trillion-dollar fleets of fighter aircraft designed to shoot down the Soviets, who went down in flames years ago, plus the Marines' flying albatross, the MV-22 hybrid helicopter-airplane, which after more than 20 years of costly development does only two things well: crash and burn – were all canceled, the Pentagon could easily pay for the new boots on the ground from its own hide. And the only losers would be the weapons merchants themselves and the self-serving politicians who have their hands in their friendly local war racketeers' pockets.

Note that "Hack" was no liberal anti-war activist or someone who wanted to see the military wither away to nothing; no, he simply wanted nothing but the best for the men that constitute our all-volunteer military.

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