Monday, May 09, 2005


The Current State Of Political Discourse

Flipping through the AM radio dial on the way home from work, I stumbled across Arianna Huffington on the Sean Hannity Show, and surely I'm a dumber person for it.

She was on to promote her new blog (check it out - she's got everyone from John Cussack to Daniel Pipes), but they quickly got on to the topic of Arianna's connection to the Detroit Project.

Hannity played what I thought was a rather amusing commercial that linked SUV drivers to terrorism (he wasn't as amused as I was). He then proceeded to ask Arianna why we should listen to Norman Lear, a significant financial backer of the project and an owner of a 21-car garage (actually, the exact number of stalls seems to be in question, but it's big enough that he proposed building a tennis court on the roof). I don't think there was a good answer to that one. Then Hannity asked Arianna to promise that she'd never take a private jet again, whic of course she wouldn't do. Ah, the fresh smell of hypocracy.

Arianna proceeded to blame "Detroit", presumably meaning the domestic automakers. This apparently means that big SUVs have been crammed down our throats unwillingly by the Big Bad American Auto Industry. Hmm, I'm not sure where all those 35-MPG Cobalts and Focuses (Foci?) came from, and I guess we're supposed to ignore the fact that the minivan (the most-efficient people mover in the automotive world) is a Detroit invention. I had previously thought that SUV buyers were just sadly misinformed Hannity "corrected" this by claiming that the real problem is "the unions". He didn't expand much on this, but the next time I see a UAW guy with a Mobil gas credit-card, he's in for some rough questioning concerning possible conspiracies.

At this point, a significant number of my brain cells committed suicide. Given the opinion of these two experts, I guess we can assume that a Toyota Sequioa, built by transplant manufacturer using non-union labor and rated at 15/18 MPG, is somehow better than the domestic UAW-built Chevrolet Tahoe at 15/19. I've got a half-eaten Subway cookie for the first person who can explain this to me (act quickly - this offer won't last forever, or even for the next five minutes!).

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