Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Cleaning Out The Backlog

Yea, I'm blogging about a lot of week-old news, because the relatively decent weather this weekend didn't allow for a lot of computer time (and that was a good thing).

I went for a nice cruise with the local Impala SS club, taking much delight in the relative lack of oil leaks from my car (the high-capacity Canton oil pan still leaks a bit), and the wonderful sounds coming from the recently de-catted exhaust (I'd be running some aftermarket 3" Catco cats on it since installing the stroker motor, but I think I clogged them while getting the tune right and so they came off last week).

Afterwards, the wife and I picked up a King Kutter "rotary cutter" (AKA brushog) from the local TSC. While not nearly as nice as the Land Pride finish mower that we have, it's still a servicable piece of equipment. After all, do you really want to use something nice to cut down small trees and whip through patches of poison oak? Let me state that the assembly process was a complete bitch, due to the crude construction and missing parts that necessitated a trip back to TSC. Still, it did a decent job of clearing out some brush in Oberon's back yard, and I'm looking forward to clearing out the many acres of weeds around our field.

I'm off to Germany after Memorial Day for a quick run through Barvaria, so blogging may be light until my return in early June.

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