Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Chevy Colorado Dead Last In C&D Comparo

Yep, the miserable Colorado, a vehicle that I panned before it was cool to do so, ended up DFL in a Car & Driver comparision test of 5 mini-trucks. The horribly-ugly Dakota came in 4th, with the Tacoma, Frontier, (two fairly nice trucks) and Ridgeline (WTF?) going 3-2-1. A poster on the CZ28.com board offers these tidbits as to why the 'rado sucks so bad. This is really the sort of thing that should cause heads to roll.

The problem I see with all of these trucks is that they carry sticker prices north of $29K and get 16-17 MPG (the Dakota averaged 13 MPG in C&D's hands). Those are numbers like what I'd expect of full-size trucks. Additionally, they're just not that small on the outside anymore, which I kinda thought was supposedly to be the appealing part of a compact truck - you know, being compact and what-not.

The same money spent on a used GM 3/4-ton with a Duramax/Allison combo will result in the same (or better) fuel mileage, and far superior performance in any measureable aspect of truckness.

I have to wonder if any of the small pickup trucks are worth a damn or are worth buying. I work for a company that just got a Silverado 4800 and a Ranger with the 3 litre V6. The Ranger is giving 21.5 mpg on a good day, the Silverado, like my own Silverado, is cranking out 18 to 21.
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