Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Atlas I5 To Be Standard Engine For GMT900?

The rumormongers over at GMInsidenews report that the standard powerplant for the upcoming GMT900 truck platform will be the Atlas 3.5 L inline-5.

While I'm no huge fan of the outgoing 4.3 L Vortec V6, I'd much rather have seen the 4.2 L inline-6 as its replacement. As I've stated before, I'm totally unimpressed with the I5 in the Colorado, and I can't see it being acceptable at all in a full-size truck.

Hearing rumors that GM will once again "double down" by delaying the launch of the updated GEN IV V8 for the GMT900 until mid-'06. Maybe they could accidently buy some Hemi's from DCX and mistakenly create a marketing strategy that actually would sell trucks!
Actually, given the timing of the GMT900 launch, there's going to be very few of the new models on the street before mid-'06. The first to launch is the Escalade, and that's probably getting the already-in-production LS2 GenIV motors.
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