Saturday, April 23, 2005


Success At Chrysler

Despite all the bad press about the Charger's number of doors, it appears that it's going to do very well in the market. Some folks don't want to see another success by Chrysler, and so they pretend to not understand what's attractive about an affordably-priced RWD sedan with a wonderful V8 (the 3.5 L V6 ain't exactly crappy, either). I think they're just upset that it's not coming from GM. I am, too.

Meanwhile, dyno data on the Hemi SRT-8 models is starting to come in. A co-worker sent me a link from the MoParts forum showing impressive numbers (dang near 370 RWHP) from a Magnum SRT-8; looks like that's backed-up by this post on the SVT board (scroll down to the 20th post for the chart). The torque curve looks great, never dropping below 300 ft-lbs (as measured at the rear wheels) between 2400 and 6200 RPM. It'll be interesting to see what one of these cars can do with drag radials, the right gearing, and a looser torque converter (I imagine that some recalibration might be nice as well, if the stability-/traction-control system is as sensitive as that fitted to normal Hemi models).

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