Friday, April 08, 2005


Mower Blogging

Talking about lawnmowers is all the rage right now. Last fall, I decided to go in a different direction for my mowing needs.

Since I only bought a back blade and a finish mower, it's time to start thinking about a proper rough-cut deck. I'm still undecided about going cheap with something from TSC or Northern Tool, or dropping about twice as much on a higher-quality deck. I spent the extra money on a finish mower since I wanted a quality cut and wanted it for the next few decades, but I'm not so sure I'll be using a Bushhog-type deck as often - perhaps a couple of times a year - and it's only to knock down weeds in the field.

I'm also undecided on the R3 turf tires, even those on my tractor are relatively aggressive. They obviously work fine around the yard, but I wasn't impressed with their traction when clearing snow this past winter (um, you don't say?), and there's been a few times that they've stopped me from moving as much dirt as I'd like with one pass of the loader. But I'm not sure that R4 "industrial" tires would be much better, since they're still a floatation-type tire. R1 agricultural tires would be great, except for whenever I need to drive across the lawn, which is most of the time. See here for pictures of all three tires (L-R, it's R3, R1, and R4).

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