Friday, April 22, 2005


Misc. Music Notes

Um, no pun intended.

During a trip to the Detroit area yesterday, I tuned into 89X and caught the new Foo Fighters single, "Best of You". Freakin' awesome - good dynamics, excellent drumming, and Grohl's voice sounds better than it ever has.

UPDATE: News on the video for "Best of You" here. I did a quick search for info on the song, and found that everything thinks it sounds a lot like "Everlong". I think that, too (to a certain extent), but it's the sort of thing that's best left unsaid. Also found an uncomfortably high number of posts on blogs that must be run by those of high-school age.

Oberon will be crushed to hear that Death Cab For Cutie appeared on The O.C. last night. Ouch.
Listening to NPR's Marketplace last night, I caught the opening riff to The Drive-By Trucker's "Dead, Drunk, and Naked". Better yet, when David Brown came back on the mike, he refered to DBT as "my favorite band". Too cool.

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