Tuesday, April 05, 2005


In Other Scary News

...well, there's this:

Cash-strapped New Haven is a pioneer in using the so-called BootFinder system. The objective: snare people who haven't paid car taxes. (Connecticut is among a handful of states where local governments levy annual fees, typically a few hundred dollars per vehicle, based on the value of residents' automobiles.)

The system is comprised of an infrared camera that rapidly scans license plates and, connected to a laptop computer in the New Haven system, scours a list of car tax delinquents. Previously, New Haven officials had to rely on mailed notices and phone calls to try to collect overdue car taxes.

Don't renew your tags, and your car gets towed, after the police snoop for it in your driveway. At the very least, doesn't that seem just a bit severe for what's basically an expired-tag violation?

I'm simply amazed at the lengths to which governments will go towards collecting unpopular taxes, and the fact that people just keep on re-electing the representatives who implement those taxes.

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