Friday, April 22, 2005


Hummer H3

I saw one of the new Hummer H3s on my trip to Detriot yesterday. Coming up behind me, it appeared to be some sort of Jeep in my rearview mirror, and now I can't see it looking like anything but a Liberty with fender flares and big tires.

According to Hummer's website, it's getting the dreadful 220 HP 3.5 L I5 from the Colorado, and has a projected curb weight of 4,700 lbs. Yikes. I can't imagine paying $30K+ for that. Hopefully the rumored turbo I5 comes along quickly, or GM figures out a way to shoehorn the 4.2 L I6 into the GMT355 (which is far superior to the I5 in ways that numbers cannot express).

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