Monday, April 25, 2005


Hello From Europe

To answer Oberon's question, they do seem to have the Internet in Europe. I'm in an Internet cafe in Köln instead of in my own room, though, since the concept of broadband in hotel rooms hasn't quite hit the big-time yet. And the keyboards are different over here - "y" and "z" are switched, and a bunch of punctuation characters are moved around. Weird.

The trip to Goteburg was a big success, but unfortunately my luggage decided to take an extended layover in Amsterdam, so I won't be changing my clothes until sometime tomorrow. Bummer.

The rental car here is a M-B C180 Kompressor wagon, which has a much nicer interior than I remember in the previous C-class. It seems to be a decent vehicle.

I'll conclude by stating that the Euro conversion rate sure blows compared to four years ago (when I last visited Europe).

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