Monday, April 25, 2005


G6 GTP Fuel Economy

GM vehicles usually are pretty good on fuel - not necessarly industry-leading, but not crap, either.

But the G6 GTP manages to live up to the worst Detroit stereotypes by pulling down a stunning 18/24 EPA figure, per Pontiac's website.

That, my friends, is a mere 1 MPG better than the 300C Hemi in the EPA City test, and actually 1 MPG worse in the EPA Highway test (a stock '94-'96 GM B-body, with a 260 HP LT1 and weighing about 4200 lbs, also pulled-down a 17/25 rating). The GTO with an auto gets 16/21, and 17/25 with the 6-speed - and that's a car with 300 lbs more weight and a full 400 HP.

The fault probably lies in the 3.61:1 axle ratio, but that's still quite pathetic - consider that the 240 HP Accord is rated at 21/30 while also using rather steep gear ratios.

EPA ratings aren't always indicative of real-world mileage, but even if that's the case, then GM still is going to have a publicity issue.

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