Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Cool Product

From the Autoblog, a couple of gems.

First, I didn't know that Subaru had a Forester STi, but having now seen one, I might dislike SUV crossovers just a bit less than before. You'd think that the SUV-crazy US would love this thing, but once again Japanese car makers show that they're seemingly unwilling to give us "the good stuff".

And Buick's getting a RWD car, based on the full-sized Holden platform (also sold in a LHD version as the Caprice in the Middle East). Before anyone gets too excited about the return of the Roadmaster, it's only for the Chinese market. I lack the upper-management credentials required to make sense of this situation.

While in Japan, I saw this black sporty looking wagon that seemed to be performance tuned and as it passed realized that it was one bad-ass looking Forrester probably the one you described. I'd previously dismissed the Forrester as bland, but I tell you that looked like one sweet ride.
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