Sunday, March 13, 2005


Terrorist Watch Lists And Gun Control

This past week, it was reported by the GAO that approximately 40 terrorists whose names appear on The Watch List were "allowed" to buy firearms. These people were not felons or illegal immigrants.

A lot of people were alarmed to hear this, but I for one would find it unacceptable if anyone was denied a constituational right (whether it's related to the 2nd Amendment or any other) because their name was put on a list unknowingly and without due process.

Additionally, even if people on The List were prohibited from buying firearms from a dealer, they would still legally be allowed to buy from a private party, without a background check, if indeed they met the same general criteria as stated above (non-felons and legal residents). And even if they didn't meet those criteria, there's always the thriving black market that's been created in response to firearms laws.

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