Thursday, March 10, 2005


More Senseless Attempts At Gun-Grabbing

Good ol' Sen. Chuck Schumer has proposed a ban on the FN Five-seveN semi-auto pistol, notable because it fires a small-caliber (for a handgun) projectile at high speed (once again, for a handgun). This is said to give it some measure of anti-armor capability - a capability shared by most rifle rounds, as well as knives, broadhead arrows, and so on (but don't let the guys in Washington know that, or else we'll get a ban on kitchen utensils before we know it!). The proposed ban is being spun with a pro-cop angle.

This is interesting - in a ridiculous sorta way - for two reasons. One, there's already a ban in place on armor-piercing handgun ammunition, and has been since 1986. Along these lines, the ATFe's Firearms Technology Branch has already evaluated the Five-seveN - more accurately, the commercially-available ammunition available for it - and found that it is not armor-piercing:

FTB has also examined a 5.7 X 28 mm projectile that FN Herstal has designated the "SS196." The SS196 is loaded with a Hornady 40 grain, jacketed lead bullet. FTB classified SS196 ammunition as not armor piercing ammunition under Federal firearms statutes.

While there are AP rounds loaded in 5.7x28, they're not available to civilians.

The second silly aspect to this whole thing is that larger-caliber rounds are prefered by cops and criminals alike nowadays. Admittedly, the reasons why are unrelated and contrary to armor-piercing capability, but regardless, some in .45 ACP would be much more preferable to those on either side of the Thin Blue Line than an expensive foreign gun chambered in a .22-caliber round.

I guess if ol' Chucky was so worried about small-caliber high-velocity pistol rounds, one would think that he wouldn't have let the Smith & Wesson Model 53, chambered in the dimunitive .22 Jet cartridge, go unnoticed for four decades, or for that matter, one wonders why he's ignoring the multitude of new revolvers chambered in .22 Hornet. Oh, that's right - those aren't made of black plastic and don't accept "high-capacity magazines", so they must not be sufficiently evil - right?

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